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Lori Beth
Attending club nights on a weekly basis since 1985, Lori Beth has seen it all. Originally from Philadelphia, and known to travel across many states for club nights and live music events, she finally settled in DC. Able to lend her professional talents to the local scene, she has done catering for Alchemy Productions & Deep 6 Productions, feeding most of the goth/industrial bands that have played in DC over the last few years.

With over two decades of keen observation, Lori Beth has now invested the best of intentions for this event. A veteran of the restaurant business, she brings sharp attention to detail, refined hospitality, and a sense of urgency to Spellbound to ensure high energy throughout the night.  

DJ Shade
Since setting foot in Cincinnati's Club House in 1989 Shade has been addicted to Gothic and Industrial music. Frequenting and working at independent record stores he built his collection week by week until one night, a resident DC DJ asked "why don't you spin? You've got more music than I do."

In the years, since Shade has put residencies at Critical Mass, Roxy Resurrection, eclectica, Nocturnia, Alchemy, Purgatorio, Schadenfreude, and Syndrome under his belt. When not spinning he often doubles his duties by creating the visual identity for events.
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DJ Steve Archer
Steven has been a DJ for longer than he cares to remember. He spins an eclectic mix of old classics, guitar industrial, and a few other goodies with high energy to impact anyone standing still. When not in the DJ booth he, along with his wife, can be found touring with their band Ego Likeness.  He also lends his talent to side projects Hopeful Machines and Blind Till Now both of which involve making music with 1's, 0's, and excessive amounts of noise.

Steven is also the author/illustrator of a children's book entitled "Luna Maris". Steven's art is yet another creative outlet for his talent and can often be acquired online or where ever he displays his work to the public.


Spellbound’s Chief Production Engineer.  If you see this man without a drink…fix that. He’s our resident hero. Without his tireless efforts, things would be…well, without Matthew, it’d be like leaving the house without pants and that’s no good. He just makes everything right in our world.  In his free time, Matthew is an astronaut, a heartthrob, and he saves puppies. He is also a Jedi with mad skills, so don’t look at him funny. Buy him a drink or shake his hand when you see him, because he helps create the fun.

Max the Mercenary Mystic
Mystic or Mercenary? Huckster or Heretic? Cartomancer or Con Artist? Maybe all of the above? Whatever it is he does (or thinks he does), he's pretty darn good at it. With over two decades of experience, he's signed on as Spellbound's resident Tarot reader and Guinness sponge.

Max is easily located in the dark corner booth, at the end of the row waiting patiently to explain what the future may have in store for you.

His rates are reasonable, his services well worth it, and his personality is priceless. So don't be shy, stop by and say hi. You'll be glad you did.


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